What You Should Know About Weight Loss Medication

What You Should Know About Weight Loss Medication

Excessive weight suffers a large percentage of people – the cause of sedentary work, lack of physical activity, malnutrition, stress, bad habits. Assistant in the struggle for the desired figure is drugs for weight loss. Admission of any means for weight reduction should be agreed with a doctor who will take into account the characteristics of the body and will prescribe the best course. Medicinal products for weight loss, which help and are sold in the pharmacy, are different. Before beginning their use, you need to study the characteristics of each group of medicines.

Types and groups of medicines for weight loss

Medicines for weight loss doctors appoint in the treatment of obese people. However, they are resorted to by those who have a normal weight and want to lose an extra few pounds. In order not to provoke the diseases of the body from improper intake of drugs, you need to know what medicines help to lose weight without harm to health. Among the funds that can be purchased without a prescription of doctors, there are two groups:

  1. For internal use (tablets, capsules, food substitutes, dietary supplements, teas);
  2. For external use (anti-cellulite creams, massagers, plasters, hygienic products for weight loss, special shorts).

Preparations for internal use, sold in a pharmacy, have different effects on the body. Specialists divide such funds into three groups: drugs for suppressing appetite, for normalizing metabolism and preventing the absorption of fat.

How do they work

  • Means to suppress appetite cause a feeling of satiety, which relieves people from the desire to eat more fat and carbohydrates;
  • Medicines to normalize the metabolism activate the metabolic processes of the body, the body quickly recycles fat, toxins and cholesterol are excreted, the obesity of the liver decreases
  • Drugs to reduce fat absorption block an enzyme that breaks down fatty molecules, which causes the third decrease in its deposition in the body.

Effective drugs for weight loss, which can be bought at the pharmacy, work better and help to achieve a good result if you combine their reception with the maintenance of the right way of life, sports, balanced diet. By the way, the pharmacy products are divided into the following groups:

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  • Anorectics. Drugs of this group suppress appetite, affecting the nervous system. After taking a course of admission, a person does not feel the need for the amount of food that was earlier, begins to eat less. New food habits are formed, which do not allow to gain extra pounds again. Anorectics act on the body gently, are produced in different forms: capsules, sprays, tablets and even aroma-compositions. There are anorectic drugs for weight loss, based on caffeine. Often, the composition of anorectics include chemicals that are not safe for the body. Such medicines have side effects – dizziness, bad mood, insomnia. Besides, they are contraindicated for people suffering from cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and thyroid problems.
  • Nutraceuticals (food substitutes). In the composition of nutraceutical drugs for weight loss, there are special substances, vitamins, minerals that contribute to satiety. Tablets or capsules are drunk instead of the usual meal and contain a minimum of calories. The main component of many nutraceuticals is microcrystalline cellulose. Getting into the stomach, the substance swells – it reduces appetite. The MCC is made from cotton and has a lot in common with vegetable and fruit fiber. In the reviews, many women note that it is not enough to fully saturate the recommended dose.
  • Diuretics. Representatives of this group of drugs for weight loss in pharmacies are presented in the form of teas. A diuretic, mild laxative effect, which is provided by diuretics, helps to cleanse the body, eliminate harmful substances and toxins. With uncontrolled administration of such drugs, unpleasant side reactions occur diarrhea, dehydration, leaching of nutrients. Diuretics do not burn fat deposits and help lose weight in combination with an active lifestyle.
  • Fat Burners. These include medical products for rapid weight loss based on fruit extracts and chitosan. Means of the first type accelerate fat metabolism during physical exertion when blood pressure indicators become higher. The second type of fat burners reduces the digestibility of fat molecules during food consumption. In the conduct of a passive lifestyle, the efficacy of these drugs is low.

To lose weight correctly, you need to take dietary funds that help burn fat without harm to health. To avoid serious side effects and diseases, it is necessary to exclude the use of drugs without the supervision of a physician with the following substances:

  • Terroid hormones (thyroxine, triiodothyronine). In combination with “Clenbuterol” cause rapid fat burning, however, at the slightest disturbance, the dosages permanently block the production of these hormones by the body independently.
  • Dinitrophenol. Spasms cellular respiration, which activates the processes of fat splitting. Receiving the product provides up to a pound of fat loss per day, but with an overdose, even a small one, can lead to death.

Weight loss plaster

Active substances in the plaster for weight loss affect the subcutaneous fat, speeding up the lymph flow and blood flow, activate the metabolism, remove toxins. In pharmacies are represented by such brands as “Lusero”, “Soso”, “Slim Patch” and others, they vary in composition. Application: dry the skin, where the adhesive will be fastened, stick it, wear according to the instructions. The time of using the slimming remedy is no more than 30 days.

Contraindications: individual intolerance of the drug components, pregnancy and feeding, menstruation, thyroid pathologies, kidney disease, diabetes, adolescence. Adverse reactions: hyperemia, itching, burning at the place of attachment of the plaster.

Homeopathic remedies


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Homeopathy offers drugs for weight loss, which received really good feedback from doctors who are investigating the effect of homeopathic remedies on the body. Medicines contribute to weight loss by accelerating metabolism, normalizing the digestive system, reducing appetite. Examples of popular homeopathic medicines:

  • “Argentum nitricum”. Contains nitric silver, helping to reduce cravings for sweets. It is applied from 3 to 30-hundredth dilution from 2 months. A homeopathic doctor prescribes dosage. Contraindications: leukemia, tuberculosis, multiple sclerosis, chronic viral and autoimmune diseases. Side effects of the drug: allergic reactions.
  • Calcarea carbonica. In the composition – carbon dioxide. Helps to control appetite. It is used from 12 to 30-hundredth dilution from 2 months, the doctor determines the exact dosage after examination. Contraindications to the use of the drug: individual sensitivity to the components. Side effects: allergies.
  • “Antimonium crudum”. In the composition – antimony. The active substance removes irritation from the fact that a person can’t eat as much as he wants. It is taken at low and high dilutions (up to 30-hundredths) according to the doctor’s testimony for at least two months. Contraindicated with hypersensitivity to the active substance in the preparation. Side effects of a slimming remedy: an allergy.

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