What Is The Best Weight Loss Android APP?

The Best Weight Loss Program

The desire to have an ideal figure is inherent in everyone. What is needed for this? Everyone knows – proper nutrition and physical activity. In other words – the body should spend more calories than it consumes. Today, the most convenient and effective way to count calories are mobile applications for a smartphone. Today we will review the best weight loss apps on the Android device. This “mobile trainer” works by the principle of counting the calories that you received from food and their consumption, based on physical activity. Individual applications can make a diet, with which you can quickly lose weight, and also offer the best sports program to achieve the goal.

To take advantage of the fitness slimming application, you will need a smartphone with a large screen for convenient display of schedules and slimming plans. The gadget should have a high-speed communication module for updating applications and test new applets. And of course, an extremely important hardware stuffing for the stable operation of programs. It is such a smartphone that you can install popular applications for weight loss; we’ll look at the end of the article.

Calorie Counter MyFitnessPal

Calorie Counter APP

Developer: MyFitnessPal, Inc., USA
Rating: 4.6 (1,702,288)
Number of installations: 50-100 million.

Main features of the Calorie Counter APP

  1. Daily replenished base for 6000000 food items. Shows the value of foods in proteins, fats, carbohydrates, sugar, fiber and cholesterol.
  2. Barcode scanner for easy searching of products on the database.
  3. A fast and easy input of power data: the application remembers your favorite dishes, and allows you to add several dishes at the same time, save and add whole meals and so on.
  4. Full synchronization with the site: you can fill the diary both from the computer and from the phone, in other words, where and how you prefer. Also, all your data is stored online, so you will never lose it.
  5. The possibility of joint weight loss: you can monitor your achievements and share experiences with friends.
  6. Creation of own dishes and exercises, statistics on their basic nutrients, a calculator of the nutritional value of recipes with the support of both metric and English dimensional systems.
  7. Statistics on cardio and strength training, including the number of approaches, repetitions and weight in repetition.

My Diet Coach Weight Loss

My Diet Coach APP

Developer: InspiredApps (A.L) LTD, USA
Rating: 4.4 (136,587)
Number of installations: 10-50 million.

Main features of the My Diet Coach APP

  1. Application methods – motivating arguments, recommendations, photos and citations, control over the performance of tasks, virtual rewards for achievements, reminders.
  2. Helps to choose the correct diet and follow it with reminders (drink water, weigh, prepare healthy food, write down all information about the eaten dairy).
  3. Follows the implementation of tasks to maintain a healthy lifestyle: the user sets a goal, and the application monitors and supports their implementation of hints and reminders (go to the gym, run, walk, train at home).
  4. A system of rewards from My weight loss coach, in case of proper performance of tasks.
  5. Subsequently, the free version can be upgraded to a paid version of Pro. It contains a lot of useful things: diet and nutrition planner (calorie counter and calculator of lost calories, BMI calculator and basal metabolism level), diet magazine (keeping track of all meals and exercise during the day, calorie control), weight control (weight loss progress control, view the graph of weight loss).
  6. The application is designed specifically for girls.

Lifesum: Healthy Lifestyle, Diet & Meal Planner

Lifesum APP

Developer: Lifesum AB, Sweden
Rating: 4.4 (125,258)
A number of installations: 5-10 million.

Main features of the Lifesum APP

  1. Create a health profile and formulate the main goal. The program is oriented when you can achieve it!
  2. Power control with a built-in barcode reader or search function. The Lifesum database includes millions of records with complete nutritional information on the right and proper products. The application also remembers which foods you used for food, and this simplifies control.
  3. Tracking your physical activity with the help of the type and duration of classes. Lifesum can also be connected to mobile applications for monitoring physical activity, such as Runkeeper and Moves.
  4. The Life Circle tool, which helps to make the results of work more visible, puts out a daily assessment of the user’s efforts. If the circle is green, the day, according to the application, has lived correctly.
  5. Advancement to the goal more graphically and graphically.
  6. The APP supports all the most popular diets. You can also set individual levels of nutrient intake into the body with any degree of detail and any frequency.

We reviewed the most popular weight loss apps on Android. You can choose one of them, or use several programs at the same time to achieve the goal as soon as possible.

And what applications do you use for losing weight? Tell us about it in the comments to this article.

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