Weight Loss: Why Exercise Is Important

Weight Loss: Why Exercise Is Important

If you have set yourself the goal of getting rid of extra pounds and gaining harmony, you need not only a correction of the power system, but also a training program for weight loss.

Undoubtedly, slimming exercises should be conducted following the age and health status of a person struggling with excessive completeness. The nature, quantity and location of fat deposits are important. You can not discount the individual characteristics of the body, for example, the rate of metabolism. Important factors are the prevailing regime of the day, the amount of free time, the nature of the professional activity. Consider all these points in the preparation of an individual training plan for weight loss can be an experienced instructor. And, developing a training plan, he must rely on objective data about your health.

There are several basic principles on which all workouts for weight loss are based.

Basic principles of weight loss training

The most important principle is the systematic nature of classes. When asked how to train to lose weight, most experienced trainers and fitness instructors respond briefly: regularly. Training for weight loss will be effective only if you do 3-4 times a week.

Training load should match your level of training to date. Excessive workload will not help to accelerate the achievement of the desired result, but it can seriously undermine health.

Graduality is one of the primary principles of health education, to which workouts for weight loss belong. To achieve the result, the load, indeed, should be increased. However, you should do this carefully. Increase the load by about 5-15% every 3-4 weeks. If it is a question of overcoming a certain distance – gradually increase the distance or jog time. If you perform strength training, then increase the number of repetitions or series, as well as the weight of weighting.

The training program for weight loss should include both aerobic exercises aimed at fat burning and the strength exercises necessary to bring the muscle tone and the formation of new muscle fibers. If you are trying to lose weight and keep in the future a slim figure, you should take care to increase the percentage of muscle mass. The fact is that a sufficiently large number of muscles do not allow you to recover because muscle tissue even consumes three times more energy than an equal mass of adipose tissue. Therefore, it is easier to keep oneself in shape to those who have a significant muscle mass.

Adhering to the individual plan of training for weight loss, eat rationally, giving preference to natural products. Make sure that there are as many fruits and vegetables as possible in the diet, as well as a sufficient amount of protein food.

Carbohydrates can’t be rejected entirely either since it is a source of energy. Sharply excluding almost all carbohydrates from the diet and at the same time, regularly exercising, you can feel worse and will be unable to cope with the training load.

Which exercises should be included in the training program for weight loss

At the initial stage, this should be, first of all, normal aerobic loads. If the extra weight does not exceed 15 kg, and the joints of the legs are healthy, then you can start jogging. Begin training for weight loss with 5-10 minutes of running or alternating running and walking (3 minutes each) for 15 minutes.

If the extra weight is more than 15 kg, then you can exercise on an exercise bike, make vigorous walks. A great way to lose weight – Nordic walking (it’s also walking with sticks, Nordic walking). At this type of exercises, up to 90% of the muscles of the body are included in the work; there is an active expenditure of energy.

Tons are those muscles that have been inactive for a long time. In winter, ski tours are useful in the area without steep slopes and descents. Nordic walking and skiing are quite similar in structure of movements. These species are good not only because they include almost all the muscles of the body, but also because the body receives not only aerobic but also a significant force load.

A great way to burn excess fat and develop muscle is swimming and aqua aerobics. They are suitable for almost everyone who would like to become slimmer, regardless of the amount of excess weight.

As for strength exercises, at the initial stage of weight loss training, it is usually recommended activities that need to overcome the weight of one’s own body: squats, legs and trunk lifts from different positions, flexion-extension of hands in support of lying (push-up) and on parallel bars, pull-ups.

Naturally, special emphasis should be placed on working out the muscles of those zones where the largest amount of fat deposits is concentrated.

Training in the hall for weight loss

Since there is not always an opportunity to train on the street, alternatives can be training in the hall for weight loss. Typically, these exercises are combined: they contain both strength exercises and a cardio block.

Training begins in the hall usually with 5-10 minutes of work on an exercise bike or a vigorous walk on a treadmill. This is necessary to warm up the body and prepare it for the primary load. Then pre-stretching is performed – easy stretching, rotation in the joints. These exercises will help to avoid stretching of ligaments and muscles.

Now comes the turn of the fundamental power exercises. Most often, strength exercises are performed in 3 series, 10-15 repetitions in each set. Rest between series – no more than 1 minute. When you move on to the next exercise, you can rest for 3 minutes. It is desirable that the rest was active. For example, if you perform exercises for the abdominal press, perform several inclinations, rotating the trunk.

If you have already started weight loss training and exercise certain strength exercises, but have not achieved results, then try to reduce the weight of weighting (by about 10-15%), increase by 10-15% the number of repetitions, reduce rest between batches.

After a set of strength exercises, devote 15-30 minutes to aerobic exercise. Perhaps this will again be a treadmill. If you want to have whiter slender legs, practice on an elliptical trainer or jump on a rope.

Complete the training with stretching – it also helps to lose weight fast.

How to train to lose weight fast?

One of the most effective methods of training for weight loss is the interval method. This plan prescribes, as a unit of time (for example, 1 minute), to carry out as many exercises as possible, and to perform correctly, technically, preserving the structure of the movement.

Advantages of interval training for weight loss are its high efficiency and significant time savings: interval training for weight loss rarely lasts more than 15 minutes.

The drawback of the method is that it is suitable only for people who are relatively healthy and more or less prepared.

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