Top 10 Foods that Can Help You Lose Weight Faster

Top 10 Foods that Can Help You Lose Weight Faster

Most people trying to lose weight find it hard to achieve their goal, because they do not know how to go about it. If you were one of those finding hard to shed your excess weight, the following information is very important for you. One thing that would help you lose weight fast is eating healthy foods. You cannot achieve weight loss by skipping meals. You should take your breakfast, lunch, as well as dinner. Eating healthy and balanced food speed your metabolic rate, this in turn facilitates weight loss. Here is a list of super foods that would help you lose weight faster.


If you want to lose weight fast, you have to consider protein. Perhaps the greatest source of protein is almonds. You would derive at least 6 grams per 28 oz almonds you consume. Almonds would assist you to maintain a stable blood sugar. Moreover, it would help you feel full, which means it would reduce the craze for more foods. Apart from that, research has shown that almonds are full of useful nutrients like calcium, vitamin E, potassium, riboflavin, as well as magnesium and so on. If you are trying to lose weight, you should consume more of almonds. Small quantities of raw almonds can serve you when you were hungry.


If you really want to lose weight fast, you should consider eating blueberries. These are recommended because they are loaded with enough quantities of antioxidants. These helped prevent starch from being accumulated in your body system. Fiber contained in the berries prevents fats from going through digestive tracts. Research conducted by USDA Agricultural Research Service in Arkansas showed that 3.6 grams from blueberries could produce fiber enough to prevent starch from getting to the digestive tract.

Cayenne Pepper

Research has shown that Cayenne Pepper could lose weight fast. Overweight patients are advised to put small quantities of cayenne pepper to every meal they consume. Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin. It is an organic substance inside a pepper, which makes pepper hot. Research has shown that this affects the body in a way that helps weight loss. Apart from that, study has shown that Capsaicin has the capacity to boost human metabolic rate. It speeds weight loss by burning calories. Furthermore, it facilitates blood flow, which speeds food digest, thereby forcing your body to absorb more nutrients. This way it prevents you from being very hungry. In addition, it induces sweating, this means more toxins released from the body. All these melt fat, thus making easy for you to lose weight.


Many people may not believe it, the fact remains that water is an important part of weight loss program. When you take enough quantities of water, it would flush out toxins and dangerous germs that may be hiding in your body cells. Those toxins in the body prevent effective body metabolism, thereby hampering weight loss. When they are flushed out, it would facilitate body metabolism. Drinking enough quantities of water would always make you hydrated. You should consume enough quantities of water to help weight loss.

Coconut oil

Many people like eating coconut oil because of the enormous benefits they derive from it. Perhaps the greatest benefit of consuming coconut oil is the weight loss benefit. Coconut oil was composed of fifty percent lauric acid. This is great for weight loss. It could help remove unwanted fat from the body. Moreover, small quantities of coconut oil facilitate fat burning. Research has shown that it produces keytones, which are good for quenching hunger and cravings for food. The best form of coconut oil recommended is nutiva coconut oil. It is the best organic and virgin coconut oil you can use to ensure speedy weight loss.

Matcha Green tea

The best tea that you can take today to boost weight loss includes the match green tea. This tea is full of amino acids. Apart from that, it contains other important organic substances that boost energy. Match green tea is known all over the world as the best energy giving tea, and perhaps the oldest energy drink tea that was ever formulated. It is the best energy drink recommended for weight loss.


Yogurt is another food recommended for fast weight loss. The food is recommended by nutritionist because of its ability to shed excess weight. It is not surprising that it is regarded as idyllic food. It contains useful nutrients, protein, and carbs. Because of that, it can ward off hunger by keeping your blood sugar at its best level. Those suffering from belly fat can shed it by consuming yogurt. It is recommended for anybody who wants to shed excess fat fast.

Red Wine

Many people may not believe it; red wine is included in the list of foods that help weight loss. Although it is considered an alcoholic beverage, it has different ingredients that are useful for weight loss. Research has shown that it contains phenol also known as resveratol. This has the capacity to boost metabolism for more than an hour. This means that if you want to shed excess weight, you should enjoy glasses of red wine. It should be part of your dinner.

Wild Salmon

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Wild salmon is another food recommended for you if you want to be successful with your weight loss goal. It performs different functions in your body. Apart from maintaining a healthy heart, it shrinks the waist. Moreover, it contains amino acids, which improve the insulin sensitivity of the body. This is useful, because it speeds weight loss and builds the body’s muscular tissue.


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Many people are deceived by the fat content in an avocado. The fat content should not scare you. It is one of the best foods that you can consume to lose weight fast. Although it contains fat, but the type of fat it contained is known as monounsaturated fat. This is good because it increases satiety in overweight patients. This is the best food recommended for obese patients.

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