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Protein shakes for weight loss

Protein shakes for weight loss

Protein shakes for athletes only? One of the types of sports nutrition not so long ago became popular even among housewives. But not because they wanted to have the same relief body, like in the gym in the gym. There was an opinion that you can lose weight on a protein cocktail. Can this be considered true?

It is possible but under the condition of several rules. First, the gym and loads remain a prerequisite for this method. Secondly, the total caloric intake should decrease. Thirdly, you will have to switch to a fractional food. And in all this complex the protein is an auxiliary, only one of the keys to a reliable lock, behind which lies a slim figure. And it will be easy to invent?

It will not because any weight loss without effort is a myth. And the fact that the protein shakes should be drunk for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and then you pull the old jeans – also a myth. Truth in nutrition and training.

And so, you go on a low-carbohydrate diet and replace most of the fast carbohydrates with proteins. Carbs are energy. When it gets smaller, the body looks for reserves. Protein is the too complicated source; it is necessary to make a lot of efforts to recycle it. Fats are the best alternative. And so the body begins to burn fat. If you are also involved in sports during this diet, spend more energy than you get, then the process of burning fat will accelerate. And proteins will go to the restoration of muscle fibers. Why is protein needed here?

Protein is a highly concentrated protein that is instantly absorbed. During exercise, protein needs even more. Of the usual food can’t always get the right amount. Therefore, to help such cocktails. They quickly saturate the body. The breakdown of the protein takes more time, so you still feel a sense of satiety for a long time.

So why does a protein shake help to lose weight?

One of the most popular diets is protein. With this diet, it is recommended to eat a lot of food, which contains a lot of protein and a few carbohydrates.

According to the principle of action, the protein performs the same role. The only difference is that you do not need to eat a massive amount of food and still get carbohydrates, albeit in small quantities. Taking protein, you consume an exceptionally concentrated protein without carbohydrates.

Burning fat is impossible without protein

  • in the period of weight loss, the body receives a small number of calories. This leads to a deficiency of protein in the body. The results of this are somewhat deplorable: deterioration of protein synthesis, lowering of immunity, premature aging, poor skin condition, loss of its elasticity. Deterioration of growth and health of nails and hair. The decline of strength and energy, a poor psychological state. Women have problems with the menstrual cycle;
  • protein is the building material for muscles. Therefore, when your body does not get protein, it starts the processes that burn first of all the muscle mass, and only then the fat;
  • when there is a shortage of protein, the body burns some fat to take energy from somewhere. But at the same time, he actively conducts fat synthesis. In other words, the body begins to make fat reserves, which turn into the same extra pounds. Advantages of the protein is that it contains amino acids that do not allow active synthesis of fats;
  • with all this, the protein significantly quenches the feeling of hunger.

Therefore, the protein is often used by athletes who dry their body.

Protein usage for women and girls

Protein is a name of one element, which is extremely necessary for a person. From protein is a muscle tissue. Also, it is found in hair and bones, skin, nerve endings. The body needs protein to build new muscle cells. Its reserves can be stored in the muscles.

Modern protein powders, which are sold for weight loss, are significantly different from those sold at the end of the last century. In the powders of the new generation, there are no foreign impurities, and they undergo a thorough scrupulous purification. Studies have shown that protein helps girls lose weight, with intensive training – to accelerate muscle growth and shorten the recovery time after training.

You can take protein supplements not only for girls and women but even for teenagers. Especially when there are high physical activities in life. Choosing a quality product approved by nutritionists and trainers is necessary.

If there is not enough protein in the body of the woman, this immediately affects the condition of the hair and nails. It is for this reason that you can not only lose weight with protein but also improve your health and appearance qualitatively.

How to drink protein coctails for weight loss?

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The cocktail should be drunk either before or immediately after the workout. It is desirable for 15-20 minutes. Why is that? If the body has already spent energy, then it needs to be restored. If you are going to spend, then you need to provide a source.

It is essential to understand that for one time the body can absorb not more than 40 g of protein. Therefore, immediately break the reception into several portions. That is four times 40 grams more than two times 80. In the first case, you will receive all 160 g of protein, in the second, almost nothing.

If you divide the total number into several portions, then the food should be fractional. You can not eat one protein. This is not just an auxiliary product for weight loss. Its original function is to build muscle. You can afford to replace once a day with a cocktail snack, but not fundamental meals.

Protein shake can be drunk before bedtime, for 2 hours. Due to the high concentration of protein, it gives a feeling of satiety for a long time. And if you suffer from nightly adventures in the kitchen, protein is an excellent way to repel such a habit.

If you increase the amount of protein in your diet and drink a protein shake, do not forget about the water balance. When the body lacks fluid, it, like everything else, begins to store it in the muscles. And these reserves are then manifested in the form of cellulite on the skin.

The results of the “protein diet”

From my practice, I can add that to drink protein instead of late meals – lifehack for weight loss. And there are several reasons for this. First, taking protein instead of a late dinner, your body will not get a large number of carbohydrates and thus can not put them in the fat layer. A protein with a small error can be said does not go into fat. Secondly, you will not feel hunger and will be able to go to sleep. Thirdly, all of us sometimes pull on sweets before going to bed. So protein is a healthy and delicious cocktail.

As for the choice of protein, it is better to choose with less carbohydrate and sugar. The excellent content is up to 30 g per serving.

To prepare a cocktail, take a shaker, pour 150-250 ml of cold or warm (not hot) water or low-fat milk and pour one serving of powder (usually one measuring spoon from a can). Mix until a uniform consistency is obtained and drink for 3-10 minutes after preparation.

Of course, from the “sports” here only a protein cocktail. This diet for athletes looks entirely different. It is essential not only to adjust the food and start drinking protein shakes. It is crucial to regular exercise to activate the process of losing weight. Protein is useful for girls because, without protein, life itself is impossible. But it’s impossible to make a figure ideal only by consuming protein.

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