Proper Nutrition for Losing Weight

Losing Weight the Healthy Way

What is proper nutrition? The idea of creating such a diet arose against the background of the spread of individual diets that slightly restrict or rigidly exclude the use of various products and call, for example, to remove all carbohydrates from the diet, to eat only liquids or eat a whole week of boiled rice without salt. Such diets are harmful to health, introduce the digestive system and the body as a whole into a stressful state and facilitate the rapid return of the weighed kilograms at the end of the time limit in food.

The diet of proper nutrition, in fact, is designed to provide the body with all the necessary nutrients and trace elements and is based on the principles of proper nutrition. However, merely eating right on the background of dietary craze “unfashionable”, and proper nutrition is presented as a “diet for weight loss.”

Does proper nutrition help?

Against the background of fascination with fast food, half-finished products, an abundance of sweets of industrial production, proper nutrition helps to return to the basics of the diet, laid down at the genetic level. A person needs a certain amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates per day with the caloric value, which is due to the energy costs of each particular organism.

All kinds of food benefits of civilization, rich in fast carbohydrates and fats, additives stimulating appetite, altered eating behavior contribute to a rapid increase in body weight. When following the principles of proper nutrition, the system of proper nutrition, excess weight does not accumulate. The only reduction in fat reserves is the increase in energy inputs, that is, physical exertion on the body.

Lose weight on proper nutrition is possible if the diets provide calories in a smaller volume than necessary for physiological processes. There are two options: to eat appropriately, observing the daily caloric norms for the body (calculated depending on the ratio of age, height, body weight, sex and activity) and increase physical activity, or reduce caloric intake.

The best results are revealed in those who before diet neglect proper nutrition and have a significant excess weight. The system is based on replacing high-calorie food with low nutritional value with useful products and eliminating “snacks”. Proper nutrition does not imply a sharp restriction of portions and volumes of food, so do not get carried away by replacing the harmful hamburger with the whole trout.

When following the rules and calculating caloric intake, proper nutrition helps to reduce weight by an average of 4-6 kg per month, depending on the initial parameters.

Is there any benefit from proper nutrition?

Undoubtedly, proper nutrition helps to maintain and even restore health. In the menu for a week, there are products that meet the needs of the body in nutrients, as well as in vitamins and minerals.

In the diet can also include foods and meals that help meet the increased needs for specific substances, disguised as a desire to eat “harmful” food. Researchers have long proved that craving for certain types of food and products does not always mean a lack of trace elements contained in these dishes. So, for example, the love of carbonated drinks indicates not a shortage of carbohydrates, but masks the inadequacy of calcium intake, and adjust it not with Coca-Cola, but with dairy products.

Replacement of products allows you to saturate the body with the necessary trace elements and prevent “breakdowns” from the diet.

Diet “proper nutrition” to lose weight correctly

As with all diets, popular or medical, there are fundamental principles. They do not contradict the rules of healthy nutrition, on the contrary, they are mainly based on them. Some of the principles need to be adjusted by the characteristics of the body and new research in medicine and dietology, but this diet allows minor deviations and can be adapted to the needs of a particular person.

Principles of proper nutrition

  • exclusion of semi-finished products, fast food, carbonated drinks, industrial sweets, sausages, canned food, chips, almost all products cooked outside the house and not having the right balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Categorically, one should not eat food supplemented with glutamate, sugar substitutes or its abundance;
  • salt restriction;
  • daily after sleep, you first need to drink 200-300 ml of warm water slowly;
  • dishes are steamed, baked, boiled, quenched. Fried food is banned;
  • a fifth of the diet consists of fresh fruits and vegetables;
  • almost wholly exclude fast carbohydrates, replacing them with products with slow: porridge (not fast cooking), bread (whole grains or wholemeal flour), high-quality pasta, unsweetened vegetables. Berries, fruits and honey – sources of fast carbohydrates – include in meals in the morning and daytime;
  • body weight calculates the total volume of animal proteins: 1 gram of protein should be delivered per 1 kg of weight daily;
  • the amount of liquid (preferably water and herbal teas, unsweetened fruit drinks, compotes) is at least 2 liters per day, with a mandatory glass of warm water 30 minutes before each meal;
  • carbohydrate dishes are distributed for reception in the first half of the day, protein meals – in the second;
  • recommended the use of only polyunsaturated fats: olive, linseed oil, fish (salmon, trout), seeds, nuts, avocados, etc. Total volume – 1/5 of the daily ration;
  • food intake – 4-5 times a day, with a maximum period between meals at 4 hours. The last meal is 3 hours before bedtime. There are snacks (no more than 2 times a day, in the number of common meals, for example, 200 g of kefir or unsweetened apple);
  • dishes from potatoes and pasta do not combine with protein;
  • eat at the same time, without accompanying activities (watching TV, playing games on the computer, talking on the phone, etc.), chew carefully, slowly: this helps to better assimilation of food and faster saturation.

Proper nutrition: menu

Baked things are so awesome! Whenever you are tempted to fry some food items like meat, fish, plantain, a great alternative is to bake them. Just throw the ingredients into a baking pan and.. .straight into the oven! 😊 And it's so so healthy! Have you tasted baked onions like the one in the photo? Try it if you haven't. So delish! Ingredients: 1) Salmon 2) Asparagus (Please you can use any green vegetable you like, or even mixed vegetables.) 3) Onions 4) Tomatoes 5) Dried Cameroun pepper 6) Salt and spices 7) Coconut oil (rubbed on the back of the food and on the bottom of the pan before starting to bake.) You can also use Olive oil if you don't have coconut oil. 😍😚 #impactslimmers #viviansfitimpact #eathealthy #weightwatchers #proteinrich #healthyeating #fitnessnutrition

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There is no strict menu in the correct food system. Proper nutrition – a diet that involves full-fledged meals with the following principles and the exclusion of harmful foods. Each person, with appropriate nutrition, selects the basic and accompanying dishes that are most suitable for him and his family members.

Proper nutrition: an example of losing weight for a week

With proper nutrition, the menu for a week to lose weight is made based on the parameters and characteristics of a person. However, there are budgetary examples of plans and diets with proper nutrition. So, what can you eat?

Adapting the diet

Depending on the purposes and possibilities of the menu it is possible to make, changing products on corresponding on caloric content and structure, supplementing and excluding dishes under individual choice.

How long does the diet last for proper nutrition?

This diet does not imply a time limit. When switching from a chaotic diet to principles appropriate to proper nutrition, it should be remembered that this eating behavior is a natural, preferential choice that provides the body and its appropriate needs. After a period of achieving the desired body weight, one should not go back to the previous style of eating, the dietary system for this diet allows you to easily and with pleasure stick to its rules throughout life.

Medical restrictions in nutrition

A diet that is suitable and is “right” for everyone and everyone does not exist. Different health conditions, diseases, restrictions are forced to adhere to different rules and menus. However, in general, this diet is considered the most “healthy” and the most adaptable to the requirements of the body.

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