Learn The Secret Of BMI Calculations

Learn The Secret Of BMI Calculations

BMI is the ratio of body weight to height, due to which a person is determined to have insufficient, normal or excess body weight.

Sometimes the calculation of BMI gives not entirely correct results. The fact is that it is important to remember that the ratio of fat and muscle tissue in people is different and depends on many factors. Therefore, people with the same BMI do not look the same.

What does BMI Depend On?

To make an accurate calculation of BMI, not only growth is taken into account, but also the person’s age, gender, and body type, which is determined by the results of the measurement of the wrist.

Distinguish between thin-boned, normal-boned and broad-boned types. BMIs of thin individuals with narrow shoulders and thorax should be smaller than hypersthenic parameters, which have significant forms. Sometimes the width of the chest is measured to determine the type of physique. Due to differences in the ratio of muscles and fatty tissue, an average BMI of men and women is different. You can not ignore the age of the subject.

The ideal weight of a young girl or boy will be different from that of a mature person. This is not surprising. With age, the fatty layer, which weighs less than muscle tissue, increases. So an older adult can get as a result of calculations the ideal indicator, and at the same time have problems with excess weight. Therefore, after 50 people are recommended to monitor the ratio of waist and hip to prevent central obesity. A special formula and table are used to calculate the normal body mass index of children.

Do not forget that the ideal weight of girls and boys also cannot be identical. Different indicators will be in children under two years old and after reaching this age. The perfect weight of athletes is calculated especially. They devote much time to training and therefore have developed musculature. Their ideal BMI will be significantly higher than that of an ordinary person.

Why You Need to Know BMI

BMI is useful for those who follow their body and health. Doctors use this indicator also to determine the doses of medicines. In everyday life, it is used to control body weight.

It is much easier to follow a figure knowing what to strive for. And sometimes it happens that people think up problems for themselves. Young girls, for example, wear themselves out with diets at the normal weight, which leads to anorexia.

Calculation of the body mass index will help to determine if a person has problems and how dangerous they are. Dieticians based on the received indicators recommend a patient with obesity, a specific diet and exercise.

How to Calculate BMI

The body mass index can be calculated independently, taking into account all the nuances, it is rather tricky. We can help solve this problem for our users. For people caring for their weight, an online body mass index calculator was developed. All that is required is to enter your data into the form, and after a couple of seconds, the result will appear on the screen.

As a rule, it is enough to know your exact weight. For a more reliable result, you should specify the volume of the hips and wrist. Select by which formula to do the calculation, and then compare the resulting number with the data in the table. Based on the result, you can judge whether the weight of the tested is normal. BMI also indicates whether a person suffers from a body weight deficit or a painful fullness.

Obesity has several degrees. This is also taken into account in the calculations. We offer a convenient online body mass index calculator. Despite its simplicity, it is entirely accurate. You can calculate the body mass index is taking into account age by different formulas or to derive an average figure that will be as close as possible to the correct one.

Table of the Optimal BMI for Women and Men

Weight TypeMale BMIFemale BMI
UnderweightBelow 20Below 19
Normal Weight20-2519-24
Excess Weight26-3025-30
Severe ObesityGreater than 40Greater than 40

Optimal Body Mass Index by Age

AgeOptimal BMI
Older than 6524-29

Body Mass Index Explained

If the BMI is less than 18.5, then this indicates a lack of weight. Eating more is necessary. Perhaps you should go to a nutritionist or even a therapist, depending on the size of the lack of weight.

BMI in the range of 18.5-24.9 indicates a healthy weight. You need to try to keep the BMI in the middle of this range, which will make it possible to have the most attractive figure and be away from the chances to go beyond.

BMI in the range 25-29.9 – overweight is observed. It’s not obesity, but you need to reduce body weight. This is not just a question of aesthetics and appearance, but your health. Limit your sugar intake, eat less, but more often. Try to spend your free time actively. Start from today until the presence of obesity exacerbates the situation.

BMI in the range of 30-34.9 – obesity of the first degree. With this obesity, the chances of suffering from diabetes mellitus, heart disease, and atherosclerosis almost double.

BMI in the range of 35-39.9 indicates obesity of the second degree. You should seek the advice of a specialist doctor to start weight reduction. With obesity of the second degree, the risk of developing diseases (diabetes mellitus, heart disease, atherosclerosis) increases threefold.

If the BMI is above 40, then this is the third degree of obesity, which seriously threatens life. It is necessary to resort to a diet under the supervision of a doctor. This obesity threatens the normal functioning of the body.

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