Detox Diet: How to Perform General Cleaning in the Body

Hospital Three Day Diet Plan

Detox is one of the most fashionable beauty destinations. Manufacturers of cosmetics produce creams, masks and cleansers with a detox effect, and, of course, they affect. But, as you know, beauty begins from the inside, and therefore detox-diet should be the first stage of cleansing the body.

What is a detox diet? This is a limited time change in the diet, aimed at removing from the body the products of decay and toxins. This diet unloads the digestive system, liver and kidneys, allowing them to cope with the processing and withdrawal of toxic substances naturally. The result is the normalization of digestion and, as a result, the improvement of the skin condition, as well as the strengthening of the body’s defenses, excellent health, getting rid of allergies and increasing efficiency. Weight loss is only a “side effect” of such a diet. It improves the metabolism and functioning of the kidneys, as a result of which excess fluid escapes, edemas disappear, and the food is absorbed more efficiently. But still, the primary goal of the detox diet is getting rid of harmful substances, which, accumulating day after day, poison the body and prevent it from fully functioning.

Detox diet is a new invention. The basic principles of such a diet were developed at the end of the XIX century by the Austrian dietician Felix Mayer. He developed a whole system for cleaning the body – except for proper nutrition; it included massage, bathing in thermal springs (Dr. Mayer lived and worked in the famous Karlovy Vary resort) and exercises.

These days it is still relevant? Felix Mayer’s patients knew nothing about the semi-finished products stuffed with preservatives, they mostly ate natural products, lived in the quiet of country estates, and not in the center of a polluted metropolis. For this reason, our contemporaries need a detox diet even more than the aristocrats of the Victorian era.

Important! If you are taking any medications, be sure to discuss with your doctor the possibility of a detox diet. Some drugs are incompatible with such nutrition.

Virtually every city resident needs detoxification, but it is especially necessary for those who smoke or drink alcohol, people with excessive body weight, those who do not usually adhere to the principles of proper nutrition, regularly allowing themselves too fatty or salty foods.

Key rules for a successful detox diet

How and when should detox be used to bring as much benefit as possible and not harm the body? Here are the most basic rules of a detox diet at home:

  • It is better to prepare for a detox diet in advance so that the entrance to it is smooth and does not become a shock to the body. For a couple of weeks (or better – more) before the diet begins to reduce the amount of fried, flour, spicy and salty, give up alcohol and coffee. Adhere to the diet – dinner should be 3 hours before bedtime. A week before the start of the diet, reduce the amount of meat and fish, replacing them with vegetables, beans, porridges and dairy products. Desserts can be replaced with detox smoothies from fresh fruits with the addition of probiotics – they will support the work of the intestines.
  • When starting a diet, start each morning with a glass of not too cold water with a slice of lemon – this will help the digestive system “wake up” and speed up the toxin removal process.
  • Do not plan a detox diet for a period of intense stress. A session, a time trouble at work, a fuss when preparing for a vacation or a wedding is not the best time for such an event. Detox involves not only food restrictions, but also a good rest. Choose quiet days and try to secure yourself an 8-hour sleep.
  • Combine the diet with other measures. For example, with a visit to the spa. Such procedures as massage, wrapping, visiting the sauna during detox will be most effective. In addition, they will enhance the result of the diet. Do not refuse and moderate exercise – walk, swim in the pool, ride a bicycle.
  • Remember that a detox diet is not the same as starvation. You should not suffer and feel discomfort. Make a plan for meals and a detox menu and stick to it. The optimal meal schedule is at least 5-6 times a day, but portions should be small. Fold your palms with a boat – the resulting volume and will be the maximum volume of each of your portions.
  • Do not forget about the water. Drinking during the detox diet is a lot – it will help the kidneys. You should drink 2 liters of liquid daily. In addition to water, you can drink herbal teas, detox juices, smoothies and smoothies.
  • Start small. There are detox-diets of varying duration, but if you are not used to limiting yourself, do not overstate the bar. Begin cleansing from a 3-day detox diet. The next can be already longer – 7 days. 10-day detox is already a pretty serious test for those who often purify the body.
  • Do not overdo it. Detox diet should not be done more often than every four weeks.
  • Before you start a detox diet, talk with your therapist. Some diseases of the internal organs, as well as acute inflammatory processes and infections, can become a contraindication for such a diet. Do not carry out detoxification during pregnancy and lactation, as well as with reduced blood sugar.

Allowed products. Eat on your health!

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So, on what products should the correct detox diet be based? Cleansing the body assumes, for the most part, the consumption of plant foods, so detox diet is often referred to as vegan. Here’s what you can eat with almost no restrictions:

  • Broccoli. This vegetable is saturated with folic acid, vitamin C and fiber.
  • Beet. It helps restore iron stores in the body and helps the liver function.
  • Grapes. A real storehouse of trace elements – it contains potassium, phosphorus, iron, manganese and magnesium. Pectins in the grape produce heavy metals, and enzymes improve the absorption of nutrients from food and accelerate digestion.
  • Asparagus. It contains coumarin – a substance that improves the activity of blood vessels and heart. It is a source of vitamin B6, which normalizes the level of sugar in the blood. Asparagus has a mild diuretic effect.
  • Citrus fruits. Provide the body with vitamin C, and the digestive tract – the fiber it needs.
  • Sweet pepper. Extremely rich in vitamins C and A, improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and pancreas.
  • Bananas. Charge with energy and ensure sufficient intake of potassium and magnesium.
  • Apples. Contain a fairly rare vitamin P, iron and a large amount of easily digestible fructose. Grapes, contain pectins that help get rid of heavy metals.
  • Artichokes. They have choleretic properties, improve metabolic processes and have an anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Grenades. Rich in vitamins C, P and E, improve blood circulation.
  • Cucumber. Has an easy diuretic effect.
  • Sea kale. This is the source of iodine, which our nervous system needs.
  • Dried fruits. They contain all the same vitamins and minerals as fresh fruit, but in greater concentration. Sweet dried fruits help to cope with the craving for desserts during a diet. But they are very high-calorie, so they should not be carried away.
  • Cereals in small quantities. They quickly saturate, and the feeling of saturation after a bowl of porridge remains long enough. Virtually all cereals contain B vitamins.
  • Sprouts. Sprouted oats, wheat and soybeans contain a huge amount of vitamins and trace elements, this is a real nutritional supplement – not a drug, but a natural one.
  • Detox-juices, smoothies and teas on herbs. Of all these vegetables and fruits, you can make freshly squeezed juices and smoothies, if you do not like to chew them for anything. Morning coffee can be replaced with a ginger drink or a drink made of chicory, and evening tea – a decoction of valerian or thyme.

All these products are extremely useful in cleaning the body. If desired, you can add other vegetables and fruits. During a prolonged (from 7 days) detox diet once a day you can also eat one boiled egg or steam omelet, a small portion of cottage cheese or a low-fat fish cooked on a grill or steamed. Refresh dishes should be olive or sesame oil, lemon juice.

Prohibited products. Danger! Danger!

To detox diet was effective, it is necessary not only to add the above products to the diet, but also to exclude all harmful. Under the ban fall sugar and any sweets, salted, fried and smoked, ready-made sauces, alcohol, coffee, cocoa, sweet fizzy drinks, any products from flour – from cookies to bread, as well as animal fats.

Detox-recipes: useful and tasty!

Detox-recipes can be exciting and tasty. The main thing – to put a little imagination.

  • Detox juice from pepper and lime. Freshly squeezed sweet pepper juice perfectly matches with sour lime juice. It is a light, refreshing drink, rich in vitamins of group B and vitamin C. Such juice not only cleanses the body but also relieves nervous tension.
  • Detox smoothies from banana and apple. Put one banana and one peeled and sliced ??apple slice into the blender, add a few ice cubes and a glass of fresh orange juice. Whisk everything to a similar consistency – you will get a satisfying and tasty detox-smoothie. They can replace one of the meals.
  • Detox smoothies from apples and ginger. Crush the apple in the blender, add the juice of half the lime and grated fresh ginger on a fine grater. This cocktail charges with energy.
  • Grilled zucchini. Mix 50 g of olive oil and chopped herbs – oregano, basil and rosemary in a bowl. Cut the zucchini into circles 1-1.5 cm thick, mix with butter and leave for 20 minutes. Lay the zucchini soaked in the fragrant herbs on the grill (fry the frying pan and fry until soft, without adding oil.
  • Japanese detox soup. Pour a liter of boiling water over the package (50 grams) of dried algae and a pinch of grated ginger, add two tablespoons of miso paste and juice to lime halves.
  • Detox salad. Mix a cup of finely chopped red cabbage, half a cup of boiled chicken breast cut into strips, grated apple, cucumber and carrot. Add a few pinch of crushed almonds and season the salad with a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice.

Interesting fact Detox diet is trendy in Hollywood – they are regularly resorted to by Salma Hayek, Gwyneth Paltrow, Anne Hathaway. The admirer of detox is the singer Beyonce.

There are options! Popular detox diet

Regarding duration, detox diets are distinguished, calculated for 1 day, 3 days, 7 and 10 days. The longer the diet, the more pronounced its effect. A one-day detox diet is straightforward to transfer, it is possible to arrange such a fasting day on a weekly basis to support the work of the body, it practically does not require preparation. One-day detox can be carried out the next day after a plentiful feast. The detox diet, which lasts 3 days, already allows you to remove a significant amount of toxins and get rid of edema. 7- and 10-day diets are intended not only for cleansing but also for accelerating regeneration.

The detox diet can be entirely “liquid” – in this case, its basis is detox smoothies, juices and herbal decoctions. This type of diet is good for the stomach and intestines.

In recent years, the “raw” detox diet is gaining popularity, where it is possible to eat any fruits and vegetables provided that they have not undergone heat treatment.

Some prefer mono-diets for detox, during which only one product is allowed – for example, apples or carrots – but without any restrictions. Mono diets have a significant disadvantage – with such nutrition, the body receives a lot of vitamins and minerals, but lacks substances that are not contained in the chosen product. Also, the monotonous diet quickly annoys.

The most important thing in the detox diet is a systematic approach. Of course, sitting on it for three days, you will already notice a difference in health, but if after a diet you return to the old way of life, the effect will not last long. Cleansing the body must be done regularly. Better detox day, but monthly, than a 7-day post in the name of beauty and health, but once a year.

How can I strengthen the results of the detox?

“Beauty is first and foremost a reflection of the health of the body,” says the expert of Otisifarm. – The cause of poor skin condition, excess weight and many other problems are often hidden in the digestive tract. The intestine is precisely the place where the useful substances that we need for beauty and health are absorbed. But this process is broken if toxins accumulate in the intestine. The death of “useful” bacteria, which help us digest food, also inhibits the absorption of vitamins and leads to digestive disorders. Detox diets rich in vegetable fiber are indeed beneficial – if you adhere to such principles of nutrition, you can improve the condition of the skin and make it truly healthy and radiant. But to achieve the desired result as soon as possible, the body needs additional support.

“Lactofiltrum” – a drug that can enhance the effect of a detox diet. It contains a sorbent for removing all superfluous and prebiotic, which contributes to the formation of the “correct” intestinal microflora. “Lactofiltrum” was developed as a means for normalization of the intestine. It has a complex effect – it removes toxins, thanks to the prebiotics (lactulose) promotes the growth of healthy intestinal microflora, protects the body from the effects of Staphylococcus aureus, thereby removing skin inflammation and restoring the protective functions of the skin. As a result, the body not only gets rid of the products of decay and toxic compounds but also regains the ability to absorb vitamins and minerals – this process largely depends on the activity of the intestine. The result is good digestion, reduction of allergy manifestations, and as additional bonuses – clean and smooth skin without inflammation, good health. But do not forget that before using this remedy, you need to consult your doctor.”

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