Beginners Guide To Squats: How To Do Them Like A Pro

Beginners Guide To Squats: How To Do Them Like A Pro

Squats are an excellent exercise. They can help you to tone up, and to shed unwanted fat. Squats target the hips, thighs, and buttocks, but also help to strengthen the muscles in your back, and in your legs. Squats can be done several different ways. They can be done with or without weights. This article is a beginners guide to squats. Do them like a pro!

Getting Ready for your first Squat

Before you start doing squats you’ll want to take a few minutes to get your body ready. Grab a bottle of water and get hydrated. Do some stretches or yoga positions to get your muscles ready for exercise. Stretching before exercise is very important, as is hydration.

Weights, Or No Weights?

When you are just learning to do squats it is probably better to skip the weights. As you become used to doing them you can consider using weights. It’s best to start out using your own body weight. Once you become a pro at doing squats using your own weight you can grab the dumb bells, or you can begin doing your squats in a squat rack with the weight bar across the back of your shoulders. Remember though, start off with just a little weight, work your way up. If squatting in a squat rack keep the safety bars set low.

How To Do A Standard Squat

Start by standing up straight, with your feet flat on the floor, shoulder width apart. Point your toes slightly outward. Lower yourself straight down, squatting until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Rise back up without arching your back. As you preform a squat it’s important to not let your knees come out past your feet. Also, keep your head up, and your abdominal muscles flexed. Your eyes should be looking toward the ceiling, and keeping your abs tensed while squatting will help you to tone the abdominal area better than if the abs were not tensed.

Sets – What is a good number?

In order to get the most out of doing squats you should do them in sets. Start out doing sets of 10, 15, or 20. Work your way up to doing sets of 25, 50, 75, and eventually 100 or more.

Creating A Routine – Why it’s important

To get the most out of any exercise, including squats, it’s important to create an exercise routine. Doing them once a week is better than nothing, and doing them twice a week is better than once a week. Doing them three times a week is great and doing them five or more times a week is absolutely excellent. Get my point? The more often you exercise the more benefits you will gain from the exercises that you are doing. If you are really serious about toning up, or losing weight it’s recommended that you create a daily exercise routine. Try to keep your exercise time around the same time each day. You will find that it will become something that you really look forward to. Exercise doesn’t only make you look great, it also makes you feel great.

How To Know If You Are Doing You Squats Right

If you’re doing your squats right you will feel it. Your muscles may be a little sore after you’re done. If you experience pain in your neck, back or knees it’s a sign that your form is off. There’s a difference between sore muscles and actual pain.

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